[KRAFTWERK] Kraftwerk Action Figures!

UniQue Werkx uniquewerkx at insightbb.com
Tue Feb 16 01:32:19 CET 2010

That guy is really good! He's a lot better then most of the big toy 
companies... because his figures actually look like the real people! 
Really well done!

KeepWerking wrote:
> A couple of days ago I saw a message on twitter that linked to a 
> picture of some kraftwerk figurines.
> I dug around a bit more on the site and discovered several more hidden 
> away.
> I then contacted the sculptor and asked for the story behind the 
> little models ..
> Here is what he said
> [quote]
> My name's Dirk, I'm a sculptor from Germany. Well, I collect Kraftwerk 
> records since about 1993. I'm a real fan of them! So in the year 2000 
> I've decided to sculpt them - just for myself. I've bought some old 
> Mattel Ken figures (that guy from Barbie, you know) at flea markets, 
> "decapitated" them and sculpted the Kraftwerk heads to apply them onto 
> the bodies. First of all I sculpted them and then I built moulds and 
> casted them with resin. Then I realized how hard it is to get some 
> clothes for Ken - even in good toy stores! So I had to sew the red 
> shirts and grey pants on my own - horrible work! Thank god I found 
> some black shoes at the flea market! I've tried to get in contact with 
> Kraftwerk by sending some photos of the dolls to Kraftwerk's former 
> EMI manager, but there came no feedback at all - unfortunately! But 
> I've expected that...[end quote]
> Since then Dirk dug out some more pictures and I was able to post them 
> to my flickr account.
> Take a look
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/keepwerking/sets/72157623420052646/
> Keep Werking
> John
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> www.twitter.com/keepwerking
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