What is needed to perform computer aided data entry?

Besides the basic IT devices (computer, server, network etc.):

  • a professional scanner, which creates digital copies from paper sheets for the computer,
  • a form processing – character recognition software, see OcuLens
  • optionally: image processing card or software module

The scanner on its own is usually not enough for an effective work; it is suggested using a so called image processing card (or software module via USB port). The scanner connects to the card integrated into the computer; the scanner is controlled by the card. What is more important is that the card performs lots of pre-processing on the scanned image therefore the form processing program will read it much easier. For example, the card corrects the skew caused by the scanning, the noise dots and removes unnecessary parts (such as lines, boxes, borders) from the image, recognizes bar codes, optimizes the brightness and smoothes the characters etc.