Comparison Matrix of Oculens DDC Solution Pack's components

Input mediaPapersMulti-page pdf and tiff imagesMulti-page pdf and tiff images
Media sourceScannerFolderFolder
Executable typeStandalone desktopStandalone desktop*Windows service
Runs without user loginNoNoYes
Log supportYesYesYes
Recognition tasks42**4
Detailed output XMLYesNoNo
Multi language OCR support***NoNoYes
Delayed task starting for MFPsNoNoYes
e-mail notificationsNoNoYes
Tiff to pdf conversionNoNoYes
Image exception handlingNoYesYes
Transaction handlingNoYesYes
Archiving of filesNoNoYes
Scheduled deletion of obsolete filesNoNoYes

*It can run on Windows server with user login.
**Recognition tasks could be 4 with Solution Pack licence.
***Optional (Abbyy Finereader Server 14 with Open API), not included in the licence.