What time slices do we need to calculate with while processing a form?

If we break down the data capturing to the level of forms we find the following slices:

  1. physical preparation: remove the clips, fit into, remove perforation etc.
  2. scanning (1 to 2 sec/ page)
  3. recognition (2 to 4 sec/ page)
  4. validation (3 to 5 sec/page)

Of course, exact values can only be determined for concrete tasks.

Why are there uncertainly identified characters in the recognition result?

The reason is that even we, humans cannot always say what written character we see. In our example, which is a 3, a 9 or an 8?

Is always the paper-based data collecting the most suitable method?

The concrete task, the circumstance of application, the expectations of the user must always be analysed and it might happen that the task can be solved with a small portable netbook used for various data entering tasks, a data collecting web application or a smart phone much more effectively.