When you buy a license you are issued a licence file that you can use to the software. The licence file contains all licence information for the four applications. So, there is no one licence file for Service, another for Scanstation and so on.

Lincensing of products

NameLicence meaning
Oculens DI Service1 license allows 1 user to run the software on 1 desktop OR 1 server computer.
Oculens DI Desktop1 license allows 1 user to run the software on 1 desktop (OR 1 server) computer.
Oculens DI ScanStation1 license allows 1 user to run the software on 1 computer (desktop only).
Oculens Barcode printer tool1 licence allows to install and run without limitation in your site.
This licence is available only in Oculens DI Solution Pack.
Oculens DI Solution PackContains 1-1 licence for all of the items:
Oculens DI Service and
Oculens DI Desktop and
Oculens DI ScanStation and
Oculens Barcode printer tool

You can make copies of the licence file to a number justified by technical aspects. For example, one copy at the server (Oculens DI Service), one at the scanning machine (Oculens DI ScanStation) and one on an office computer (Oculens DI Desktop).

Oculens licenses are not refundable once purchased. Please download and try the software before making a purchase.

How do I activate the software?

Once issued, copy your licence file into Oculens installation folder, e.g. c:\program files (x86)\AR Oculens, then (re)start any Oculens application. If you’ve bought a license you can always view your product information in Licence info menu.

What if I upgrade or change my computer?

Simply install Oculens DI Pack to the new box, then copy the licence file to this machine and delete the old licence file from the original folder.

How do I get help? How do I report bugs?

The Oculens DI Pack comes with help file, please read it firstly. For bugs or things not covered by the help file, please use the technical contact form.

Upgrading to a new version

You can use the newest version within 12 months after making the initial purchase. To upgrade from a previous version, just download the latest version and install it.

Where can I read the End User License Agreement?

You can read our EULA here.